Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ..........The Leoniks........

Seasons Greetings Everyone

.......Hope this greeting finds you happy and well.  2009 was a tough year for us as my sister Bernadine passed away suddenly and tragically right before the 2008
Christmas Holiday from an aggressive form of cancer.  It feels like we were hit with an atomic bomb and we are still picking up the pieces. 
                                Life goes on and all you can do is roll with the punches.  It is just the way that God designed this experience. 
 So hug your loved ones never know what's around the bend. 

Kate just turned 20 and Kallie just turned 10.

 Kate is majoring in Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University...Raleigh, NC.   She's doing great in school and really enjoys living in Raleigh, NC.
                This past summer she worked as Chemist Intern at the Cape May County MUA.  She bought her first dog in May....a yellow lab...named "Nala".  
 She's a really nice dog.

 Kallie is in fourth grade.  She's been playing softball, dancing, playing the clarinet and singing in the school choir.

Diane is doing good....she spent a lot time this past summer surfing and is really enjoying it.

Below are some of the highlights of  our year 2009. 

2009 Snow Storms---- Global Warming


Snow Boarding and Skiing Lake Placid --- WhiteFace Mountain -- 20 March 2009
Kallie also did the Olympic Bobsled run --- driven by Olympic athletes.

Kallie-real deal

Dogsled ride
on the Lake.

Easter in Hatteras
....we spent Easter Week in Cape Hatteras....A lot of Jerzee people were there including the Dewalds, Bradeys and many more....
Awesome waves in front of the house....sometimes  a couple feet over head faces.....
Yahoo....Best waves of the trip were in front of the house.

Kallie Softball 
Kallies team did great....finished second in the league.


Hatteras in June......the best!!!!.....warm water .....tasty favorite time to go to Cape Hatteras!!!
This was Nala's first time in Cape Hatteras.


Summer Time in Southern New Jersey ---- May your time always be summer......

Dog Days of

Kallie playing the
Clarinet & Nala

Pecks Beach
Surf Contest

OCSA surf

Cousin Fred and
Kayton!!! in OC

Party at Wills

Cape May
Air Show

Diane riding
a good size
Drum Fish

Nuns Beach Surf Contest
This is our favorite event of the whole year.....we get to surf with our friends.....and help the support the Nuns at Villa Maria Stone Harbor....its sooo much fun!!!
The Nuns are so cool.....we help them...they help us.  Many thanks to Sister James and Bill Deger who started the whole event way back in the mid 90's......

Di's first Surfing

We definitely
brought home

The 110 crew
killed it!!!


Kenny RIP
Rip in Peace
Dude we miss

Halloween Party at the Dewalds.....I thought that Screamin Steve's Elvis costume was really good took me a couple looks to realize it was him.
Mike Runyon looked like he came from the 70's in his costume....I thought I was transported back in time.......

Go Phillies!!

TL aka Dog

Kal's Candy

Thanksgiving in Hatteras...........
This is the first time that we ever spent Thanksgiving in Cape Hatteras.  It was fun. Easy drive for Kate from school.  Really nice waves...again in front of the house...just like magic.
Kate and I put in a new hot water heater......87 gallon Marathon....really nice.


Miscellaneous Photos

KT at the 2009 Super Bowl with
NK, Alexa and

Florida Tech Classmates
TL at


The Leoniks wish you a Frothy, Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!!!!!
Jesus was a Long Boarder

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