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The original title of this book was "Visual Basic 6: Real World interfacing, animation and control".    This book is an excellent VB entry level/intermediate level book.

From the Back Cover
In Home Automation Basics, Thomas E. Leonik, P.E. shows you how to utilize Visual Basic 6 in a home-monitoring system. Some day soon, all the functions of your home will be automated by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the backbone of all industrial controls in the world. Trailblazing toward that new era, Leonik demonstrates just how easy it is to establish ground-level communications with a PLC through Visual Basic.

Visual Basic 6 is a flexible programming language that operates through Microsoft(r) Windows. With the help of a companion CD-ROM, Home Automation Basics guides you through the programming and installation portions of this project, giving you the ability to monitor a variety of functions in your home or office.

Link to sample Chapter 2    Please be patient as it may take several minutes for the sample chapter to download.

What Readers are saying.....

"Absolutely fantastic book on VB serial communications and interfacing..."  A.S. New Zealand

"Excellent Book --Clear and to the point"  K.M. Santa Cruz, CA USA

"I just wanted to let you know.  Your book is the best VB serial book that I've read so far.  Great Job"  J.D. Florida USA

 " I am trying to learn to communicate with a PLC using VB6.  I've read "Serial Port Complete", "The Visual Basic Programmers Guide to Serial Communications" and Modicon's online documentation of the Modbus protocol. I've frequented PLC chat rooms and message boards and consulted an (A well known HMI Package) system integrator.  I've spoke with our network engineer, our electrical engineers and consulted AB about training.  I downloaded a demo of a third party driver and purchased their guide book.  I was about to give up and use (A well known HMI Package) for my project (Blaaaa) until I found your book.  I'd like to say that you have done a most excellent job!  Nowhere until now have I found such careful explanations and clear examples.  I've just started chapter 5 on the AB protocol and if it's as good as chapters one through four I'm sure most of the mystery will be gone."  M.L. Alabama USA   

"Great Book!  Thanks for taking the time to produce Home Automation Basics.  Although I develop Visual Basic applications for manufacturing, I feel that your book will be a great useful reference."   SM--- US Dept. of the Treasury





















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