Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, Waveful New Year from the Leoniks.

We've had a great  year.  There's a lot new things that occurred this year as KT turned 18, Kallie turned 8and Sparky turned 2.  Scroll on down below as we share some pictures and words about the year 2007.  The waves were not that good here  in New Jersey this year but we did take some interesting road trips through the year.

Road Trips



Hawaii --- The Big Island -- February 2007
We took the ultimate surf trip to the Big Island, Hawaii in February for ten days.  A surfing buddy of mine...JC Henry, who's at the helm of EP Henry, highly recommended that we visit the Big Island.  He's had a house there for years and he's been traveling to islands for years.  We took his advise and we were really stoked that we did.  We landed in Kona which is on the west side of the Island.  We deplaned just like in the old Elvis Presley movies.... down stairs right to the tarmac.  The airport is located right on the ocean and you could smell the pacific ocean in the tropical air.  Everything at the airport was pretty much outdoors.  It was really neat.

Diane found this house right on the beach road in this town called Puako.  It's located about 30 minutes North of the airport.  Needless to say the location was perfect.  Puako turned out to be an old small little hippy town off the main highway in that part of Hawaii.  So traffic and crowds were minimal.  The morning light revealed a lava based beach with a gazillion tide pools,  palm trees, big sea turtles all over the place,  the beautiful blue pacific ocean,  huge humpbacked whales jumping out the water off the reef, crystal clear ocean water, moray eels swimming in tide pools and about a head high ground swell...all to the West.  To the East was Mauna Kea the largest mountain in Hawaii,  at the top is the famous observatory and in between the house and mountain was miles upon miles of nothing but land.  It looked like Africa or something.  We kept expecting to see a herd of Zebra come running out of the trees.  About a quarter mile from the house was a surf break called Panilua.  The waves were really fun and the area is also a great place to snorkel.  Down the road a bit was general store that had a radio link to a submerged microphone off the coast and you would hear live whales singing.  As you drive East you climb up into the high grounds.... the ranch land of Hawaii...cowboys and rodeo's.  The largest ranch in US is located in Hawaii.

We toured and surfed all over the Island.....visiting many rain forest, flower gardens, beaches, towns and of course an active would take volumes of words to describe the whole trip so please find some photos below.  

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Geckos were everywhere
Easter in Hatteras
We spent another Easter in Hatteras this year.  The weather was cold and so was the water.  The waves were not that good either.... but we got a lot of work done.  Kate came down with her friends.  This was the first time she drove down all the way in her own car.  Kal just had to go surf lighthouse....she didn't have any boots and gloves so she used mine.  She wound up surfing close to an hour.
The Regional Surf Championships in Hampton Beach(THE WALL)...New Hampshire.
Mike Dewald and I drove our trucks up to New Hamshire and then our families flew into Manchester a couple days later in order to minimize the kids time off from school.  We stayed at the Ashworth Hotel on the beach.  What an awesome place.....our room had a 42" plasma screen.  Great bar and indoor swimming pool.  We all had a great time.  The waves were small and mushy....but the area is chock full of point breaks with all the rocks and can just see the potential of this place really going off with a good size swell running.


 Hatteras in June (School's out for the summer)
I  love Hatteras especially in June.....The Fall is great in Hat but there's just something about Hat in June.   The water is always much warmer then back in NJ and waves seem to always be fun.  Kate came down with her friends.  We caught some really nice waves at Lighthouse and we all surfed Lighthouse including Diane.  We also chartered the Harpers Folly out of Teach's Lair.  We caught a bunch of Mahi-Mahi and 1 King Mackerel out at the Sargasso Sea.....right in the Bermuda Triangle....Kallie took the helm of a Ferry Boat on the return trip to NJ.
The 2007 Eastern Surfing Championship in Hatteras (September 2007)
Kate did really good a the Easterns this year she took 5th place in Junior Womens.....really big trophies..
Kallie turns 8 and we celebrate at Disney World!!!!
We had a really good trip...this is first time that I flew out of AC it was really nice much better than flying out of Philly.....nothing like small airports.  Kallies favorite rides were Barnstormer, Soarin, Space Mountain and Test Track.  We had an awesome jam packed time....not a minute to spare.
Kate is 18 and a Senior!!!    
Kate is applying to colleges.....gearing up for next's either going to be University North Carolina,  University of Pennsylvania,  Florida Institute of Technology or Princeton.  She's currently ranked in the top 10 of  her class and thinking of Chemical Engineering.  She still surfing it up and had some real good results competitively throughout the year.  She's also has been doing some incredible art work...Sketches, wood carvings and working with clay.  She was inducted into the National Honor Society in May.  The High School Surf Team place third in the it looks like they may be competing in California next June.  Kate and Chelsea celebrated their 18th Birthdays together by renting the Women's Civic center on the beach in Stone harbor and having a costume party.

Kates Wave Lamp Creation

Kate's Prom

Kate National honor Society

Nuns Beach Wave of the Day

Wild Ocean Surf Crew!!
Kallie is 8 and in second grade!
Kallie had a jam packed year.....swimming, soccer, dance, softball, surfing.....She was invited to join the Cape May County Waves swim team....She's in the advanced education program...and she surfed a bunch of contest this year...OCSA(Ocean City Surfing Association), Pecks Beach, and Nun's Beach.  She actually took second place in Nun's beach girls division up to 15....she was 7 at the time....and she paddled out into some big surf.

Kallie Super Citizen Award

Ear's pierced




Pecks Beach Surf
Diane has turned into a surf dog this year....She was surfing by herself on Mondays.  She also entered the Nun's Beach Contest.  The Judges had her for second place for the longest time until some other ladies caught some waves....I think she wound up taking fourth place in the final...just missing a trophy.

I (TL) have been surfing as much as possible, writing songs, writing software and designing microprocessor boards.   I started a MySpace site ....  and a YouTube site ...   .  Go easy on me....I just do this for fun.

Spark continues to be an excellent dog....he's definitely part of the family and he is Kallie's shadow.

2007 110 Street surf Crew

Nuns Beach
Surf Contest

KT 2 and wave of  Day
Kal 2 place
TL 2 place

Some old TL pictures ....Jana Geraci  gave these to me at end of the Summer 110 Beach Party....who is that guy???.

Note:  It may take a minute or so for the video to load into your media player

Kallie's first Play in Church

Aunt Bern and Kal
Bern is doing great...still doing Real Estate
and Motel Management
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