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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
The Leonik's





May you always have fair winds, the summer sun, a south swell and a new surfboard in your hand....KT
Let's hope for a happy, healthy, prosperous and Surf-prosperous New Year!!!!.....TL




Season's Greetings From the Leonik's....EveryBody is doing great and we all have had a healthy year---- thank the good Lord.

Outside of our normal trips to the Outer Banks we were lucky to enjoy the following trips:








































































































Happy New Year !!!!!! Congratulations to Rick&Tina and Fred&Sandy...Babies are on the way for 2003.
DI and TL got six days in BarBados...we stayed at the Edgewater Inn At Soup Bowls....the very first day as we were walking to the patio for our continental breakfast-- a gal was writing on a chalkboard--"12 Foot Swell"!!!!.  I  said to Di look there's no one out.  She said take another look... see those specks.  Yikes.   I had my doubts about paddling out especially with all the Surf dudes ;  just hanging on the beach because it was a little too big  but I'm glad I did... it was great except for the Urchins.  We also got some great waves at Sandy Lane and Moycock.

The car is called a Moke and everyone in Barbados drives as fast as they can and on the wrong side of the road!  The roads are very narrow.  It's crazy but the waves are tasty.  Oh that little speck in the wave above is me on the first day and that's Di over on the right swimming in a cave tide pool....... Click on the thumbnail for a better view.
KT and I had the ultimate surf trip this we went to Carlsbad, California for 10 surfable days.  We flew into LAX.  Pick up a Mini-Van and drove south to Carlsbad.  We stayed at Hilton on the beach in Carlsbad and there were some tasty waves right out front all we had to do is cross Pacific Coast Highway and scale down a forty foot cliff.  California greeted us with warm water (in the 70's) wetsuit required and some tasty waves.  We surfed every day for several hours with minimal crowds.  KT was fortunate to get into a surf camp hosted by the Surf Diva's,  Oneill Wetsuit, and Universal Studios....This was a  promo to the movie "Blue Crush".  It was great.  KT got to see Blue Crush about a month before it was released.  KT also got to surf  with some of the best female surfers of the time.  One of which is Rochelle Ballard.  Rochelle surfs in the movie.  She is a really great surfer and person.  All the people we met at the surf camp some of which are Izzy who started Surf Diva's,  Amanda Culver from Oneill who got KT in the camp and many more....were Awesome.  We got to surf with Mikka the little blonde girl in movie "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson and Minnie Driver.  I almost ran Minnie Driver over hanging five on my longboard.   She started screaming as she was paddling out.  I wasn't even close but I kicked out anyway.  She apologized to me numerous times for messing up my ride.   I wish I had a picture but she took off before I had a chance to break out a camera.  She just started surfing and she is really into it.  Take it from me...She is really really nice and cool.

The whole family except for the Shad went to Rhode Island for the North East Regional Surf off's in May.  Don't worry Shad spend the days being pampered by Aunt Bernadine.  He didn't want to go home.  It was an awesome trip although the waves were far from epic ... the first couple of days were fun.  KT and I had a blast riding the elevator of the beach front motel that we stayed at in a full wet suits and with surfboards under our arms.  Rhode Island is beautiful.  KT and I fell in love with place.  It's kind of  like California except colder and on the east coast.  The lobster was great!  We had a great time at the ESA party at a beach bar in Mantunick.  What an Awesome bar!!  We also toured Newport.  If you've never been's well worth a trip.  The local Team did GREAT at the contest.  Kal had a blast riding the elevator, swimming in the pool and terrorizing the hallways.
I qualified to surf in the US championships for both short board and LongBoard.  The photo above shows me pondering my longboard heat at Oceanside Pier, California.  I didn't do too good...the waves were a little too small and I made a bunch of errors.  C'est La Vie.  It was Fun and a great experience.
KT and I hooked up with Uncle Steve,  checked out his sailboat, hit Sea World and had an awesome time tooling all over Southern Cal.  We hit San O'nofre State park at six feet at the end of the trip it was great.  KT and I met Robert August( a surfer from Endless Summer 1 ) and Wingnut ( a surfer from Endless Summer 2) at Sun Catcher, Stone Harbor in June.  Wingnut said be sure to check out San O'nofre...he was right it was great.
      Some Miscellaneous Photos
           Some Classic Shots
Fat George and Mike Runyon are in this shot.  Mike and I had a retrospective session at Avon this October as we were the only guys surfing the outer bar on a big swell.  The shore break was especially gnarly.  The Girls on the beach would comment...You guys caught some Big waves!!!!!  15 feet faces...we had us some fun.