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2004 was a fun, healthy, jam packed year for the Mayville Leoniks.  A lot of new things occurred this past year and we took a couple awesome trips.  Scroll on down below as we share some of our experiences and pictures.......








The year started out from the get go on the right track as the first week of January we jetted off to Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  We stayed at an all inclusive resort called "Viva Vallarta" for a week.  Something like 450 rooms, all you can eat, all you can drink, a couple swimming pools, a couple restaurants, live theater, disco, ocean kayaks, hump back whales swimming off the beach, set in tropical rain forest and the best part ...great waves right out front of the resort.  Everyone had a great time even though the weather was not the best.  We met a bunch of great surfers from the Ocean City and Strathmere area of Jerzee.  I guess we had 21 surfers in our group.  The back of one bus was filled to the ceiling with surfboard coffins.  Kate and I surfed it up.  Di got to Kayak about and go sport fishing. Kal was swimming and started boogie boarding.  You might be asking yourself... all right where's all the pictures of the good waves...well ....we were all too busy surfing to take pictures....surfed close to 6 hours on some days.
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Kaitlyn Tara Rita Leonik's Confirmation


Easter in Hatteras
This is the first time ever that we spent Easter in Hatteras despite owning the house for over 14 years now.  The last time I spent Easter in Hat was during the college years when I would camp out. I remember it being really's much better staying in a house.  Kate brought her surfing friend Kelly Speer.  The whole area was jamming with Eastern Surfing Association people that we we had a great time....good waves....good friends......fires on the beach.  We are going to do it again in 2005.
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Kate's Graduation from 8th Grade
You know I told Kate way back when ......" if you get straight A's all through school... grades 1 through 12... I will buy you the car of your choice...any car"...well Kate's right on target.  She continues to excel at school.  She's been in the gifted and talent classes in pre high school and in Honor classes now that she's in High School.  The Cape May County School Board invited the two top eight grade graduates from each of the Counties schools and their parents for an award dinner in Cape May.   Not too Shabby!!  Interesting to note that the two top students in our district are Surfers...Kate Leonik and Tom Salveson.
First Day H. S.
"The Shore Break"
Kate acted in a movie this past summer called "The Shore Break".  The movie is due to be  on DVD the first part of 2005. It's about a family that inherits a beach house in Stone Harbor.  The teenage girl is going off to college and is interested in surfing and surfer boys and growing up.  It's an interesting story and I seen parts of the movie as it was being edited.  The acting is really pretty good.  I'm in a local songwriting group called the Cape May County Songwriters (web site:  .  So I wrote a song about my interpretation of the movie called "The Shore Break" and the movie producers liked it and it's at the end of movie during the credits.  The movie starts with Frank Sinatra singing "The Summer Wind" and ends with me.  Many thanks to CMC Songwriters because the group has really help me with my songwriting, music and performing skills.
The Surf Scene
As per usual we did a bunch of surfing this year....from Montauk NY(an awesome place) to Cape Hatteras on the East Coast  and Cali which I will get into later on.   Most of the time we surfed 110th street in Stone Harbor.  Kate and I did a bunch of contest and we did pretty good. 
Kate's Stats

1st 2004 Heritage/O’Neill Grom Prix Girls Division (ages 15 and under)
1 st  2004 Chip Miller Memorial Surf Fest Women’s Division (all ages)
 1st 2004 ESA North Wildwood Contest Jr.Womens Division (15-17)
 3 place 2004 Brendan Borek Surf Memorial Jr.Womens Division (14-17)
 3 place 2004 Rip Curl Grom Search 16 and under girls Division
 First 2004 Nuns Beach Invitational Betties Division (15 and under)
 2004 Nuns Beach Invitational Wave of the Day Award
ESA  SNJ District 2004 overall rating shortboard Third
ESA  SNJ District  2004 overall rating longboard First

TL Highlights
2 place 2004 Brenden Borek Surf Memorial short board
1 st place 2004 Nuns beach Longboard
2 place 2004 Nuns Beach Shortboard
2 place 2004 Nuns Beach Classic Longboard
ESA SNJ District  2004 overall rating shortbaord Second
ESA SNJ District 2004 overall rating Longboard First

Kallie started surfing this summer.  She really loves the water.  Kallie also got an award at the coveted 2004 Nuns beach Surf Invitational.  One of pictures down below shows Kallie's first ever attendance at a Nuns Beach Surf contest and Kallie at 4 years old getting an award as a contestant.
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Kallie's First Day of Pre K School and BUS RIDE
Kate was invited to compete at the Rip Curl National Grom search surf contest at Salt Creek Beach State Park in Dana Point California on 6Nov2004  So all of us flew out to LA rented a mini-van and stayed at The Double-Tree Hotel on the beach at Doheny Beach for a week.  Dana point is just about midway between LA and San Diego. They call the area the California Riviera.  It is a really beautiful area and we all fell in Love with it....problem is Ocean front houses start at about 8 million with $5000 per month taxes. Yikes!!  We surfed San Onofre, San Clemente, Doheny beach, Dana Point Strands, Salt Creek and Malibu.  Kate did pretty good in the contest...she made it to the semi-finals which puts her about 9 or 10th place overall....Not too Shabby.  The contest was held at the Point at Salt Creek which is predominantly a left which has Kate surfing at a disadvantage... surfing with her back to the face of the wave.  She needs to work on surfing lefts.  The Dewalds(Mike - Kev(Whatzup-Whatzup) -Karen) hooked up with us which made the trip extra fun.

Kal got to swim in the pool which she did pretty much all day long.  She really is a fish.  She was swimming the full length of the pool without the aid of any floatation device....she just turned 5.  We hit some great restaurants.  Many thanks to Lisa Roselli who gave us some tips on some great places to dine..  One of my favorites was Pedro's Tacos in San Clemente...some really tasty taco's and at a great price.   We hooked up with Uncle Steve and hung out at the beach.  We also did DisneyLand...which was really fun.  Kal got to meet Ariel...the little mermaid.

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