Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ..........The Leoniks........


Happy Holidays Everyone

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

.......Hope this greeting finds you happy and well.  We have had great year and everyone has been healthy.  The waves this year were just kind of OK...Hopefully 2011 will be better.

Kate just turned 21 !!!!!!!! and Kallie just turned 11.

 Kate just finished the first semester of her junior year at North Carolina State...majoring in Chemical Engineering.  She is doing great...made the Dean's list last Spring.  Kate's dog....Nala....continues to grow into being a great dog.

 Kallie is in fifth grade.  She's been playing softball, dancing, playing the clarinet, singing, writing songs and now doing gymnastics.

Diane is doing great...she spends as much time as possible surfing it up......

TL is still surfing as much as possible....doing a lot of electronic design and software......playing guitar and writing songs...

 Below are some of the highlights of our year 2010....hope you enjoy the pictures. 
Blizzard WARNING!!!!
Last Winter was a doosey!!!! We had a Blizzard that took out power to some areas for over 2 weeks in the middle of winter....Totally Unreal...We were fortunate that we had power the whole time....Naturally TL got some surf time in.....As TL and neighbor Andrew...surfed Nun's the day after the big Blizzard.....much to the delight of spectators as they walked through snow drifts over 3 feet high to make it to the surf!

Kallie's School Trip to Trenton......TL helped chaperone ... Mr. Salinsky's Fourth Grade trip to was really fun..
Easter at Kate's Apartment in Raleigh NC......and Checking out....North Carolina State University....awesome School....great skateboarding on Kate's Street....and her apartment is right on the border of Park and Lake....Really Nice..
Kate turns 21.....
Kate turned 21 this year and we celebrated it by two intense nights of conspicuous consumption(Ask Di about) the first night consisted of dinner at the Washington Inn,Cape May....drinking at Congress Hall, Cape May and more drinking at Owens Pub in North Wildwood....The second night was yet another night of conspicuous consumption in Atlantic City....thank the good Lord that I(TL) was the double D (Designated Driver)....what a Night!!!...ask Kate or Chelsea or A or Di.....yeah just ask Di....Ask her for the all the details.......... Great Time night that no one could forget.....
Chunky MonkeesRed Square
Truly a Night that will go down in Infamy!

KT and Spag  KT...Chelsea...Kate Sellers
KT and some Raleigh FriendsGo Wolf Pack

Kallie is into softball(she made the all-star team), singing, song writing, playing the clarinet, acting, dancing, surfing, swimming, and gymnastics....did I forget anything.....She's doing awesome in school made the principals lists and took first place at the School's Science fair.....
HalloweenStone Harbor Thanksgiving/Xmas Parade
  Pecks Beach Surf Contest(OC)
Video "Aint gettin nuthin for Christmas"

Video Kal Dancing in Xmas Show

Duck Hunting out front of the house 

Nuns Beach Surf Contest
Nuns Beach is our favorite surf contest.  It's for a great cause the sisters of Villa Maria and its so much fun.  It's our local surf beach.  The sisters are awesome.  This year was the 15th annual contest.  Bill Deger started the contest and has done such an incredible job over the years.  Unfortunately Bill  has retired after this one....what a class act.....I still have an envelope from an invite a couple of years back stamped with  a "Duke Kahanamoku Stamp".   It's amazing how the contest always is blessed with rideable waves.  The Leoniks brought home some gold this year.....bunch of really cool trophies and Di got Female Wave of the Day!!!!!

Nala and Spark

The Good Times                 The Bad Times

The Easterns
We had some huge waves at this year's was so big that we could not paddle out.....a massive south swell from Hurricane Igor.......with it being a South swell you could not go to South side to find any waves that were not out of control.   My buddy Mike Dewald and I were seeing phantom surfers riding waves in front of the house.....It must have been the wind whipping spray up the face of waves that would cause these shadows that looked like surfers hacking huge off the lips.  When it finally did simmer down it was still pretty massive but if you could make the paddle out the waves were really fun.  I broke my favorite long board in the semi final.....paddling in when the heat ended.....a wave broke behind me and just exploded me off my board....I heard it break under water....the first board I ever broke......below are some pictures....most of the sets were much bigger than the waves in the pictures......I wound up taking second place in the final on my Mctavish Quad Longboard.


Here's a golden oldie...TL's...Dad....Mom.....Sister....Grandmom...and Aunt Tessie

Best Wishes to all for a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Frothy Waveful New Year    !!!!!!

All Christmas Cards

I've been corrected by my Russian friend Stash should read NAZDOROVYA !! not Nostrovia