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Merry first Christmas!!!!!! Rick&Tina's Chloe and Fred&Sandy's Kayton...New Babies for 2003.
Season's Greetings everyone.  We had a great year.  KT and TL did a lot of surfing and did pretty good on the competition scene...both got invited to compete at the Northeast Regionals and the Eastern Championships.  Kate's surfing has really progressed over the year and she is now sponsored by Native Eyeware.  We took numerous trips to Cape Hatteras and caught many a tasty wave.

Kate continues to do great scholastically and athletically.  She's still playing the sax.  She's in 8th grade and just turned 14 years old.

Kal's getting big and bad as she is now 4 years old.  She's taking dance and swimming lessons.  She also has been doing a lot of skateboarding around the driveway.

Diane got to spend a lot of time gardening and moving around the earth for the front yard landscape project.  She loves that stuff.

TL has been surfing, writing a lot of software and joined the Cape May County Songwriters.  He's written quite a few songs this year and performed a number of events with the group.  He's finally starting to feel a little comfortable when playing in front of people.

Shad turned 10 years old this year...but when he's on the beach he acts just like a puppy and still swims outside to visit TL when he's out surfing.

On a sad note..Aunt Bern's dog Buddy passed on in December.. He was 17 years old!!...RIP...Bud-Bud











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